September 4, 2023

ERANZ welcomes EA consultation on Consumer Care Guidelines

ERANZ welcomes EA consultation on Consumer Care Guidelines

The Electricity Retailers’ Association of New Zealand welcomes the Electricity Authority’s consultation on the Consumer Care Guidelines.

All ERANZ retailers align with the Consumer Care Guidelines, according to the latest self-assessments submitted to the EA.

ERANZ members initiated the development of the Consumer Care Guidelines and we’re serious about implementing them. We want to ensure they’re continually improved and will work with the EA to achieve this during the upcoming consultation.

We strongly support minimum standards for consumer care and our members work to deliver well beyond the minimum laid out in the guidelines.

ERANZ members have no issue with mandatory guidelines as long as they are workable and effective for both retailers and consumers.

 We look forward to working with the regulator to ensure the guidelines are fit-for-purpose.

 The EA consultation is open until October 2 and submissions can be made here

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