Who are ERANZ & what do we do?

Our team at ERANZ is focused on delivering positive outcomes for electricity consumers, efficient market structures and a sustainable future for Aotearoa

A little about us

We represent companies that sell electricity to Kiwi homes and businesses. Collectively, our members supply almost 90 percent of New Zealand’s electricity.  

Our membership is made up of: Contact Energy, Genesis Energy, Manawa Energy, Mercury, Meridian Energy, and Nova Energy. 

We work for a competitive, fair, and sustainable electricity market that benefits New Zealand consumers.  

Our three core priorities are: 

  1. Advocating for an efficient energy market. 
  1. Supporting the most vulnerable in our society gain fair access to energy.  
  1. Championing electricity as the key driver for New Zealand's zero emissions future. 


Day to day, we prioritise activities that support good consumer outcomes and build understanding of the electricity sector – including energy-saving tips, expert advice on creating warmer, healthier homes, and providing information about Consumer Care Guidelines. What we do can range from collating simple information on how to read a power bill to developing a tool that uses complex algorithms to calculate the cheapest, most energy efficient method of heating your home. (ERANZ Carbon Calculator – in development).  

We regularly engage with government officials and departments to provide feedback and input to policy and strategic direction, and with community groups to deliver targeted support to consumers needing assistance. Read our submissions here. 

But we don’t just talk and write submissions!  

We also manage and operate programmes which help consumers. These include: 

  • The EnergyMate programme (launched in 2019) which is funded by ERANZ members and lines companies alongside the Government. This free in-home coaching service is targeted to help whānau at risk of energy hardship – such as those who are struggling to pay their power bill or keep their home warm.  To date, the service has supported more than 2,300 families and was expanded into 18 locations across the motu last year. Learn more here.
  • The low-fixed charge Power Credits scheme (launched in 2022) which provides households in hardship who are transitioning off the low-fixed charge with $110 credits on their bills. The five-year phase-out of the low-fixed charge regulations began on 1 April 2022 and has issued over $1 million worth of credits to consumers to date. The low-fixed charge, once fully removed in 2027, will end the cross subsidy from larger consumers to smaller consumers and provide better price incentives to households to decarbonise.  


We excel at working with other organisations across the wider energy sector on initiatives that support consumer choice.  For example, ERANZ runs the Powering Change initiative (launched in May 2023) which promotes efforts across the energy sector to offer Kiwis more renewable options. The website includes targets illustrating New Zealand's progress towards the goal ensuring 50% of all energy use comes from renewable sources by 2035.  


We’re proud that New Zealand offers a sustainable world-class electricity system - which is robust, efficient, reliable and cost-effective.  

With the electricity sector well-poised to lead the charge in decarbonising our economy, there is still considerable work to be done to meet the ambitious Net Zero goals, while ensuring economic stability and long-term energy affordability.  

At ERANZ, we're excited by the challenge and will continue to work hard to ensure a competitive, fair, and sustainable electricity market that benefits New Zealand consumers.  


Bridget Abernethy - ERANZ

Bridget Abernethy

Chief Executive

Bridget’s career has spanned corporate communications and public affairs roles, where she has worked on complex issues across the public, private and community sectors.

As a respected senior leader who has held senior roles in external relations and government relations in the energy sector in Australia and New Zealand, Bridget brings a wealth of experience to support ERANZ and the wider electricity sector at a time of significant growth and transformation.
Miranda Struthers - ERANZ

Miranda Struthers

Accessible Energy Advocate

Miranda leads the Hardship and Fairness work programme for ERANZ. She’s focused on supporting members to deliver positive outcomes for electricity consumers, through our Consumer Care Working Group and other initiatives, such as our award-winning EnergyMate programme.

Her professional background spans the public, community and private sector, with 15+ years project and management experience in the fields of sustainability and social equity.
Kenny Clark - ERANZ

Kenny Clark

Policy Consultant

Kenny provides expert analysis on energy sector policy issues, working with ERANZ members to clearly advocate to decision makers how we can achieve a market structure that is a efficient, sustainable and equitable.

Born and bred in Wellington, Kenny has extensive experience in the public sector, the political sphere and the regulatory environment , bringing a strategic vision to the needs of the energy sector.

Michelle Sharp - ERANZ

Michelle Sharp

Office Manager

Michelle is the all-important face of the office and the central point of contact for our members and the public.

She joined ERANZ in early 2023, following 14 years at Contact Energy and fulfils a host of roles for our team – from office manager to executive assistant, chief minute taker, as well as providing critical support for the Power Credits and EnergyMate programmes.
Neil Sands - ERANZ

Neil Sands

Communications Advisor

Neil’s role is to help ensure the work of ERANZ and its members in Aotearoa’s complex, fast-moving energy sector is understood by stakeholders and the wider public.

A passionate believer in clear, plain English communication, he joined ERANZ after a long career in journalism which included stints covering politics, financial markets, science and sport.

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