Finding your best option

Finding your  best option

Finding your best option

The great thing about New Zealand’s electricity market is there are a huge range of options with over 30 different power companies to choose from, and it’s easy to compare and switch.

  • Everyone should compare their options yearly – you can do this by talking to your retailer or checking price comparison services like Powerswitch, What’s My Number, or Saveawatt.

  • If you want to be sure you’re getting the best possible deal from your retailer, get in touch and ask them—retailers will work hard to keep your business.

  • By comparing plans some households can save $200 a year, and there are lots of non-price factors to consider too, like customer service, bundle deals, and other benefits.

  • Switching is easy—it takes less than five minutes online or over the phone ,and once you’ve made your decision, your retailer takes care of the rest of the process.

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